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How to travel in a pair

Here's an idea for a reality show: team up two strangers and send them on holiday together. Sadistic programmers could have endless fun creating mismatched teams.

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Scam: "Can you please leave a donation?" Where: Asian temples. Avoid:  "I'll give you a dollar, and since your religion warns against telling lies, I'm writing that in the book."

Top ten classic travel scams

They’re ingenious, the ways that the scam artists of the world have found to separate you from your cash and valuables. Here are 10 reasons to keep your wits about you.

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Hummingbirds are fed honeywater at the lodge's feeding station.

Sleeping among a cloud forest

It’s hard to keep your head out of the clouds in the magical Andes visitors to luxury eco-resort Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forests of Equador.

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