A marriage of point breaks and drinks breaks

My ageing surfer husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next April and we would like to relive our honeymoon. After many budget surfing forays, mostly with offspring, it's time to celebrate our big event with a luxury holiday where he can surf and I can relax, read and not feel compelled to sit and admire his skill. Tonga appeals, rather than Fiji.

- A. Board, Pymble.

Samoa might be a better bet than Tonga. Tonga has a couple of excellent breaks for experienced surfers, especially off the reef at Ha'atafu Beach, but accommodation is more for the surfer than the sybarite. Also, Sundays are no-surf days in churchy Tonga.

Samoa, on the other hand, has a couple of gorgeous resorts in the south of Upolu, which is where all the nice waves happen.

My first pick would be Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa (sinalei.com), closely followed by Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa (www.coconutsbeachclubsamoa.com). Both can arrange surf guides and boats and both have fine surfing right off the beach.

Winter surfing - May to October - is generally more reliable so you might want to delay that silver anniversary for a month or so.