Alaska, USA: Visiting bear shocks wildlife watchers

Two wildlife watchers relaxing on the side of a creek in an Alaskan national park got the shock of their lives when a big brown bear decided to join them.

The Alaskan brown bear lumbered over to where they had set up camp, then in a bewilderingly humane fashion sat down to apparently admire the view, before quietly departing.

The campers were watching and photographing bears in the creek below (seen in the final shot of the video). Drew Hamilton, an employee of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, captured the bear on camera and posted it to Facebook.

The bear video went viral and has since had over a million hits on YouTube.

Situated around 250 miles (402km) south of Anchorage, The McNeil River State Game Sanctuary is famous for its wildlife, in particular salmon and salmon-gorging brown bears, and has the highest concentration of the creatures in the world with up to 74 congregating in the same place at the same time.

The bears are bigger than their grizzly relatives, and eat salmon to help them maintain weights of around a massive 1500 pounds.

Only 250 people a year are allowed to view the bears in the park, and these people are selected by lottery.