Aurora Expeditions' 'Greg Mortimer' first expedition cruise ship to feature revolutionary 'X-bow'

Aurora Expeditions' new state-of-the-art expedition ship, the Greg Mortimer, looks a bit different to other cruise ships.

Launching in 2019, the standout feature of the 104-metre ship is the patented Ulstein "X-bow": a bullet-shaped bow designed to pierce waves with greater stability than a traditional bow, limiting shock-factor while maintaining speed.

The X-Bow also uses less fuel to get through the waves, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Created by Norwegian ship designer Ulstein, the inverted bow concept has been built on over 100 vessels in the shipping industry. However, Aurora Expeditions are the first in the world to utilise this kind of technology for expedition cruise ships.

But the bow isn't the only new feature on the Greg Mortimer.

Named in honour of the Australian adventurer and Aurora Expeditions co-founder, Greg Mortimer, the vessel is fully equipped with the latest technology and ready to withstand Mother Nature's worst.

The ship features the latest "return-to-port" technology as well as virtual anchoring and dynamic positioning system. This means the ship can float in position without using anchors which makes launching Zodiacs, kayaks and other watercraft easier.

The X-Bow has been designed for comfort as well as travel efficiency. While cruising, passengers will have the option to enjoy a drink in the panoramic observation lounge, or unwind in the wellness centre which includes a gym and sauna. All 120 passengers on board will also be treated to private bathroom facilities and an option of a balcony or floor-to-ceiling window in their cabin.

Aurora has just launched the full program for its 2019-20 polar season, the first to feature the Greg Mortimer.


Following Greg Mortimer's maiden sea voyage "Spirit of Antarctica" in late October 2019, the ship will set out on an additional 20 expeditions across 2019 and 2020. Itineraries will visit Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands) and the Arctic (Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, East Greenland, Jan Mayen, Iceland and Norway).

Currently, the Greg Mortimer is the first of its kind in the Aurora fleet. However, it is expected that all future Aurora ships that cruise Antarctica and the Arctic will have the X-Bow technology. See

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