Baby penguins delight Sea World staff

The patter of little happy feet is delighting the staff at Sea World, with the Gold Coast theme park welcoming three newborn gentoo penguins.

Thirteen eggs have been laid in total and three of those eggs hatched in the past 12 days with Sea World's senior penguin keeper Katrina Krygger anticipating the arrival of the remaining chicks.

“Seeing these healthy penguin chicks being born is so wonderful. It is very enriching for them and is a great indicator of their health and well being," she said.

“All doing well and growing at a rapid pace.

“This year's breeding season has been made even better by the fact the gentoo penguin nesting group has chosen nest sites only centimetres away from a viewing windows so visitors to Sea World can get a close encounter with the new chicks."

Ms Krygger called this year's breeding season "the most successful ever" with seven pairs of nesting penguins currently in the exhibit.

The $12 million Penguin Encounter exhibit is already home to 14 king penguins and 24 adult gentoo penguins and last breeding season there were two penguin chicks born in Sea World.

The oldest of the current crop of new chicks has grown from 100 to 300 grams in just 12 days, but the gender of the three chicks will not be known for months as DNA tests have to be carried out.

First time parents Ember and Widget are mum and dad to two of the chicks are are taking turns incubating them and regurgitating food as good penguin parents do.

The chicks do not have names and Sea World is calling on the public to help name them by posting their suggestions on the Sea World Australia Facebook page.