How UK plane passenger avoided Ryanair's new $45 fee for carry-on luggage

A UK traveller who frequently flies with Ryanair has found a way to beat the company's new hand luggage restrictions - sewing possessions into his coat.

Lee Cimino was heading to a birthday weekend away to Belfast when he decided he wasn't going to pay the new fares for hand luggage.

The company charges up to 25 pounds - depending on the bag's size - each way to take a bag into the cabin during a flight.

But Cimino wasn't having a bar of it - and spent around $70 getting an old coat adjusted so he could fit enough clothes for an overnight stay within the linings.


Photo: AOL screengrab

Cimino told The Sun "It's not breaking any rules to try and take all of your luggage in your clothes.

"The coat fitted comfortably with all of the stuff in it and I even wore it around Belfast until we got to our accommodation."

 "It was very comfortable, not even noticeable - no one commented as I was getting on the plane, and going through airport security wasn't hard either, I just took it off and put it in the tray."


Photo: AOL screengrab


The Sun reported that Cimino has found ways to dodge the luggage charges in the past - particularly when going skiing.

 "When I go snowboarding I have to pay for a snowboard bag on the plane, so I always put all of my clothes in too instead of paying for an extra suitcase.

"I'd rather go on lots of holidays than spend a lot on one."

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