'Big nerd's' A380 Lego dream takes flight

A Melbourne man who never outgrew his childhood love of Lego is taking his latest coloured brick creation to the world.

Self-confessed "big nerd" Ryan McNaught spent eight months painstakingly building a replica of the world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, in his garage in Pascoe Vale South.

The 2.2-metre long, 1.8-metre wide Qantas replica is constructed from a staggering 35,000 bricks, worth an estimated $5000.

It is split in half to reveal the inner workings of life on board the plane and boasts a touch screen that controls functions on the Airbus, including the landing gear, wing flaps and cargo doors.

After his model earned top prize at Brickvention, Australia's premier Lego convention, the father-of-two is set to take on the international competition at Lego's equivalent of the Olympics, Brickworld, to be held in Chicago from June 17.

"It seems to have taken off, pardon the pun," Mr McNaught said of his latest creation.

"No one from Australia has taken their model overseas before. The Qantas kangaroo is pretty iconically Australian so it's a good chance to show them just how Aussies do it."

Mr McNaught, who is a semi-professional Lego-builder and sometime IT manager, said he became hooked on the small studded bricks as a kid on Melbourne Myer's toy floor.

"Every school holidays they'd get giant tubs of Lego and put them out on tables and you could play in there as much as you liked," he said.

"They used to have big Lego shows too. I always remember my grandparents taking me to those every school holidays, and you'd sit there and of course your eyeballs would fall out."

His latest creation surpasses in ambition his previous models - one of Flinders Street Station and a 2.6-metre Eiffel Tower replica complete with working lifts.

The Airbus also includes a cast of crew and passengers from aviation-related films Passenger 57, Snakes on a Plane, Castaway, Alive and Flying High.

Despite flying the flag for the Spirit of Australia brand, Mr McNaught said he would probably be flying Virgin to the US.

"Qantas are not interested one iota," he said.

"The Airbus weighs 55kg, I built it with shipping in mind. My luggage bill when I go over is going to be enormous. It'd be nice to have a little bit of support from Qantas. I had plenty of people say why don't you take the tail off and make it an Emirates plane."