Brisbane customs officials uncover $155k in luggage

Two women at Brisbane Airport found with more than $155,000 worth of US and Chinese currency have been fined for breaching customs regulations.

The Chinese women, aged 60 and 40, had packages of cash in their suitcases that were detected when they were put through baggage examination on Tuesday.

An Australian Federal Police spokeswoman said the women were allowed to keep the money but referred other inquiries to Australian Customs and Border Protection.

Customs officials would not comment on whether the women’s behaviour was considered suspicious or if there was an investigation under way.

The women, who had arrived from China, were fined $850 each for failing to declare that they were carrying more than $10,000 cash.

In a statement, Customs Queensland commander Ben Evans said there were no limits to the amount of cash that could be brought in or out of the country, but declarations needed to be made if the amount was more than $10,000.

AFP acting Brisbane Airport Police Commander Sharon Cowden said moving large amounts of cash always “raises concerns with international law enforcement agencies”.

“So it is important that people are truthful about the amounts of money they are carrying and the purpose for it,” she said.

This article Brisbane customs officials uncover $155k in luggage was originally published in Brisbane Times.