CCTV 'good tourist' ad pulled: Chinese broadcaster pulls urinating panda

In a move to curb 'bad' behaviour of Chinese tourists abroad, China's national broadcaster CCTV has turned to urinating pandas to tell its citizens they need to be better behaved abroad.

The TV ad shows the pandas littering, urinating in public, being pushy towards other tourists and spraying graffiti on a tree a Milson's Point, Sydney.

The ad starts with an elderly woman waking up a sleeping on a park bench before a series of pandas are depicted doing the 'wrong' thing to the dislike and disgust of others. The ad concludes with the elderly woman and panda happily chatting away. The message is clear – and aided by the tag line, 'be a good panda, be a good tourist'. 

However, the ad has since reportedly been taken off air without explanation.

Efforts encouraging Chinese tourists to behave better abroad follows a number of incidents that went viral on the internet last year, including the defacing of a 3500-year-old temple in Luxor, Egypt by a Chinese teenager and photos of Chinese tourists washing their feet at the Louvre in Paris.

Last month, China's president Xi Jinping urged Chinese tourists to cut back on eating instant noodles in their hotel rooms and instead to try the local cuisine. 

While President Jinping's comments were reportedly made light-heartedly, it is no secret that behaviour of Chinese tourists abroad has been an a problem for the country in recent years. Last year the country's National Tourism Administration released a 64-page Guidebook for Civilised Tourism containing a list of do's and don'ts for its citizens when travelling overseas.