Sloth sanctuary

Cute overload: the sloth sanctuary

Life is sweet once the gates open at Costa Rica's sloth sanctuary, one of few in the world specialising in the study of these famously sedentary and solitary mammals.

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24 hours in Antigua

Along cobblestone streets, Melanie Ball discovers fresh coffee and traditional weaving in a city flanked by volcanoes.

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Pretty woman in bazaar in Fes

The world's 10 best cities for walking

No one walks in LA. Tell people you’ve decided to stroll even a few blocks and they’ll look at you like you just announced you’re swimming to Hawaii. You’re what? Just take a taxi.

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A keel-billed toucan.

Riders in the storm

The ultimate cross-country challenge takes Lance Richardson on a two-wheel adventure from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

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Tapir at La Marina Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Talk to the animals

Everyone wants to see the wildlife in Costa Rica. Jane Mundy gets closer than most.

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