Jelena Dokic: Five places that changed my life



I travelled to Italy a lot on team trips in juniors and into my professional career. I played many tournaments there, in fact, I won my first big professional title in Rome. I am in awe of the culture and history – I love that no matter how many times I've been to Italy, there is always more to see.


I won my first junior grand slam in New York. The city has incredible buzz. It is like no other city in the world, it truly never stops. I love the busy fast-paced energy. Getting lost in Central Park offers an incredible contrast to this – I think it's amazing that you can have such a peaceful place within such a crazy city.


I came to Sydney as a refugee and fell in love with Australia instantly. It felt like home straight away. I love the beaches, spending time on the water and the incredible views that Sydney has to offer. It is an undeniably beautiful city. The 2000 Sydney Olympics is one of my most treasured career moments. It was the greatest event I have ever been a part of.


I would love to live in Paris one day. I enjoy exploring the backstreets and having coffee or a drink in the little cafes that you stumble upon. The culture and sights are incredible, and the food is superb. I have always played good tennis in Paris, so that may be part of it too.


I think I've been to Japan at least 30 times over the years for tournaments. Tokyo is the most unique city in the world. Osaka has also left a lasting impression on me. I find the people in Japan the nicest in the world. Everything is so different – the food, the lifestyle, the culture ­– but I absolutely love learning about it all.

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