Concorde Room reopens: British Airways open their new lounge at London Heathrow

Recent airline lounge refurbs and openings have shown functionality does not need to be bereft of personality. But British Airways have taken it just that little bit further, injecting thoroughly British wit and quirk into its revamped flagship Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5.

It's part of a concerted repositioning exercise by the carrier to differentiate itself in a hugely competitive premium airline market. Hundreds of millions of pounds have also been invested in the on-board experience, including in-air wi-fi ,with the aim of having 90 per cent of the total fleet connected by 2019.

The newly decorated lounge is part of British Airways' First Wing Heathrow service that fives a private security channel for First Class passengers, Premier and Gold Card holders. It leads directly into the Concorde Room.

Within the space, the feel is homely and cosy, with cheerful fabrics, sumptuous upholstery, hand-blown glass lighting with bone linen shades and ochre silk linings. There are lots of areas that afford a sense of privacy and space.

A terrace with sun lounges and sofas to stretch out upon overlooks the runway.

Private dining booths with a full waiter service and private cabanas with a day bed and en suite can be booked.

The Concorde Room's relaunch follows new BA lounges in Boston and Gatwick South Terminal as well as revamped spaces in Edinburgh, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Belfast, Washington, Singapore and Dubai.

Next in line is British Airways' lounge at New York's JFK Terminal 7, as well as Aberdeen, Rome and Geneva. Further out, San Francisco, Johannesburg and Chicago and London Heathrow's other lounges will be refreshed.