Customs nab man with pythons taped to body

Customs officials in Norway say they had arrested a man who tried to illegally import 14 snakes and 10 lizards into the country by taping the reptiles to his body.

The snakes, king pythons that are large in size but not venomous, were rolled up in socks and taped to the man's torso, while the geckos were found in small boxes taped to his legs.

The identity of the man, who was arrested on Sunday in the southern town of Kristiansand after disembarking a ferry from Denmark, was not disclosed.

"He told us he was crazy about reptiles," the head of the local customs office, Helge Breilid, said.

The unusual load was discovered during a body search after customs officials found a tarantula in the man's luggage.


This article Customs nab man with pythons taped to body was originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald.