Docklands Wheel just weeks away from turning again

Melbourne's favourite source of ridicule will soon begin turning again, with the $100 million Docklands Wheel to open in coming weeks.

Almost five years after the wheel was shut down when cracks were found in the structure, the Melbourne Star Management Group has announced the wheel will open in late December.

A family ticket for two adults and two children will cost $82, a single adult $32, and a ticket for a single child between five and 15 will cost $19.

The exact opening date will depend on weather.

News of the opening will bring much relief to traders near the wheel who have struggled since its closure.

Melbourne Star Management Group chief executive Chris Kelly said the ride on the wheel would last 30 minutes.

Mr Kelly said guests would enjoy views stretching up to 40 kilometres and be provided with information and stories about Melbourne.

The wheel is 120 metres high, twice the height of the West Gate Bridge.

The wheel has a troubled history. It was open to the public for just 40 days when completed in late 2008. By January 2009 it was closed when cracks were found.

The wheel has now been completely re-built.

The wheel was purchased by Sanoyas Rides Australia Pty Ltd this year and is managed by the Melbourne Star Management Group.