English cricket fans face expensive Ashes

England cricket fans planning to follow the national side during next summer's Ashes series in Australia could find they run out of money only too soon.

That's because Australia is among the most expensive places in the world for tourists, according to a survey by the UK Post Office Travel Money.

Those not fussed about watching the cricket would do better to head for destinations such as Spain and Sri Lanka, the poll of global destinations revealed.

Based on the cost of eight holiday items, including a meal out, Spain and Sri Lanka were the cheapest of 42 destinations surveyed.

The eight items, which also included a coffee, a beer and a packet of cigarettes, cost just STG36 ($A55) in Spain's Costa del Sol and in the southwest region of Sri Lanka.

In contrast, the items were STG147 ($A224) in South Korea and STG145 ($A222) in Australia - the two most-expensive destinations in the survey.

In New Zealand, the items were as much as STG128 ($A195), while other pricey destinations included Canada STG110 ($A168) and China STG116 ($A178).

While a three-course evening meal for two adults, including a bottle of house wine, cost as little as STG24 ($A37) in Sri Lanka, it was as much as STG122 ($A187) in Seoul in South Korea.