Everyone asks: electronic cigarettes in flight?

Can I take electronic cigarettes on an aircraft in Australia?

Short answer, yes. According to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, eCigarettes are regarded as portable electronic devices (PEDs).

In these devices, nicotine in liquid form is heated by a battery powered element. There is no flame and no burning or smoke. They do not constitute a hazard to airline safety, and are therefore permitted.

CASA also requires that they be carried on the person or as carry-on luggage, not in checked luggage since the lithium batteries that power such devices are not allowed in checked luggage.

Confusion sometimes arises at the security checkpoint however, since staff may not be aware that eCigarettes are permitted, and may even insist that they be disposed of.

However this does not give you the go-ahead to light up onboard. In the same way that airlines can restrict the use of other PEDs inflight, use of an e-cigarette is likely to incur their displeasure, not to mention the ire of those around you who might regard this as an unlucky strike.