Everyone on song for an island I-do

My daughter and her fiance wish to get married in Fiji. Could you recommend resorts at which to do this? Which would be the best island, aesthetically and logistically? It will be a case of organising accommodation and transport for the guests as well.

- C. McKay, Bangor.

Fiji and weddings go together like a horse and carriage; however, what you need is a wedding planner. Budget, theme, ceremony, entertainment, photography, accommodation, catering and flowers are just some of the ingredients that are going to come into this. While all these services are available in Fiji, you need a wedding expert with local knowledge to help you pull everything together.

There are several Fiji-based specialists but since you can expect protracted negotiations, you really want someone close at hand to talk to when it comes time to nail down the finer details.

Chelsea Jayne Weddings (chelseajayneweddings.com.au) would be my first port of call. Chelsea Hall is experienced, she knows the local scene, the best resorts and she will make sure the ladies' choir arrives on time.