Extreme landings: jets touch and go in Spain

A windy landing for Spanish fliers

High winds in northern Spain tested the skills of pilots as they landed in extreme conditions that swayed planes.

At Bilbao in northwest Spain plane passengers have been getting a heck of bumpy ride.

The region was buffeted by fierce winds on Wednesday, with the incoming flights getting the worst deal. A video posted on the internet captured the action.

While some pilots managed to touch down safely, many flights were diverted and one plane is shown aborting its landing at the last moment.

The footage, which has also made its way on to YouTube, has attracted many comments praising the pilots.

"Great piloting. That's y [sic] they? pay their pilots as well as they do in Europe."

Another person said: "Well I hope all the pilots must be able to do this. Still amazing skills [sic]."

New Zealand aviation video specialist Paul Brennan said the footage shot at the Spanish airport was comparable to conditions sometimes facing pilots in Wellington.

"Wellington has turbulence issues in some conditions. . . because of the nature of the geography," he said.

Brennan, who runs internet TV site ziln.co.nz, which hosts Airside TV, said he believed parts of the Spanish footage had been sped up to increase the dramatic effect.

"If you played it at normal speed it would be like Wellington on a normal day," he said.

Brennan had filmed aviation footage for many years and said "when conditions are right in Wellington, I always know I'll get some good results".

- Fairfax NZ News/stuff.co.nz