Jennifer Hawkins, model and TV presenter: Five places that changed my life


Ecuador was my first international trip and is a trip I will never forget. I was able to travel the whole country for three weeks before winning Miss Universe. It was definitely a massive but amazing culture shock to travel from my home town Newcastle to the other side of the world, Ecuador. After this trip and then winning so quickly, the experience literally changed my life. Ecuador will always be incredibly special to me.


I lived in New York for a year as Miss Universe, so it definitely has a special place in my heart. The energy in New York is absolutely insane and something I had never been close to experiencing before, it's almost intoxicating. I really enjoyed having New York as a base while I travelled the world – such an unforgettable moment for me and an unforgettable time in my life.


Paris was the first half of the honeymoon for Jake and I. It really is such a romantic city in a magical, yet edgy, way. The bars and restaurants are super sexy and wandering the streets of Paris is one of my all-time favourite things to do! We drank so much wine and ate so much food – we had such a magical best time. We even stayed out in a Paris nightclub until 3am, before walking home through the beautiful streets – it was a very memorable trip.


The Maldives is my all-time favourite destination, hands down. It's a place you can switch off and relax while being surrounded by water that you will never see as beautiful. It is so incredibly clear, it is something that you have to see in the flesh. The Maldives is so hard to describe, especially as it is literally in the middle of nowhere. I feel so grateful that I've been able to see it in my lifetime.


Best. Food. Ever. Positano is pure heaven, the culture, the food, and the people. I just can't find a fault when it comes to Italy as a whole. Beautiful scenery, and one of the most unforgettable adventures I've had is hiring a boat and seeing the incredible Positano from the water.

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