Flight of Fancy podcast: How to survive overcrowded tourist cities - and where to go to avoid them

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Have you been to Barcelona recently? Have you hung out in Venice? Have you walked the old streets of Rome? If you have, you've probably noticed something: tourists. Travellers. Fellow visitors. They're everywhere. In their thousands. In their millions.

These European hotspots have always attracted visitors, but lately it seems like it's getting out of hand. There are people everywhere in Barcelona and Berlin, in Venice and Rome: they're on the streets, in the restaurants, at the monuments, in the galleries and in the museums. There are more gawkers than there are gondoliers. More tour buses than there are tapas bars. And it's a problem. 

On this episode of Flight of Fancy: the Traveller.com.au podcast, I am joined by travel writers Michael Gebicki and Nina Karnikowski to talk about the European cities that just might be getting sick of us. Are locals overreacting? Or are travellers really ruining their favourite destinations just by being there? What can you do to make things better? And – last resort – where else can you go instead? Download the podcast to here our travel experts tips and advice.