Frequent Flyer: Anthony Nader

This hair stylist flies without worrying about bad hair days.

Q Why do you live one month in New York and one month in Sydney?

A In Sydney I have owned my salon, Raw Anthony Nader, for 16 years and in New York I work on international advertising campaigns and editorials styling hair.

Q How do you cope with the jet lag?

A Yoga, litres and litres of water (always with a dash of chlorophyll) and "magic" vitamin A moisturiser. I always take a sleeping tablet the night before my flight to guarantee a great night's sleep and then I will take valerian, a herbal sleeping remedy, the first three nights after the flight. I have weird dreams but hey, as long as I'm asleep, right.

Q Your favourite elements of New York?

A Central Park is my weekly getaway. The High Line [a park established on a disused rail line] is also one of my favourites. I live in the West Village so dinners are at either Jeffrey's on Waverly Place, where I crave their herbed goat cheese and spinach omelet, or at Extra Virgin on West 4th for grilled Atlantic salmon.

Q What's in your hand luggage?

A Dr Dre headphones, iPhone, iPad, Burt's Bees beeswax moisturising cream, pawpaw ointment, water, fashion magazines, nuts and earplugs.


Q Any hairstyle that you would banish?

A I wouldn't banish any hairstyle as it's all a journey to creating bigger and better shapes. Goatees on the other hand...

Q Your most exotic sojourn?

A Always and forever, the Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki.

Q Tips to prevent a bad hair day on holiday?

A Don't overload the hair with too many products. The less product you use the longer it will last and it won't weigh the hair down. For women wanting a quick up-do, scrape your hair back into a low bun and secure at the base. Then braid the tail and wrap it around the base of the bun and pin. Instant glamour. For men, try using more of a dry product than a wax as your hair won't need washing as often and it's perfect for men with hair on the finer side.