Frequent Flyer: Daniel Gaudiello

This principal dancer with the Australian Ballet is always prepared.

Q How old were you when you first travelled?

A I was 15 when I first travelled for ballet. But when I was 12 I went to Italy for two months, to Germany and France, with my parents.

Q Do you enjoy travel?

A I love it. As soon as my parents took me away as a young child I was hooked. Seeing the world and experiencing things blew my mind. It made me realise there is so much to see out there and life is so short. It prompted my move to Melbourne to pursue ballet. No one in my tight-knit family had left Brisbane till then. It was a big decision but I had a big dream and it's like The Lord of the Rings. You can stay in the shire and be happy or you can go on the big adventure.

Q How often do you travel with the Australian Ballet?

A The whole company once a year goes overseas, and sometimes it involves two countries. The whole company went to New York last year. But we are up and down the east coast all the time and I try to get up to see my family in Brisbane as much as possible. I hate to miss a family wedding. The ballet is good about giving us time off for special occasions.

Q Long-haul strategy?

A I take all my supplements and I wear jet socks. They advise us to wear them on the flight and as long as we can after to push the blood up and keep it out of our ankles and calves, which is the area that takes the bulk of our work.

Q Tips for hitting the ground running?

A Get the sleep right, in line with the place you're going to. And I like a good walk when I get there. A ballet class helps out, too. Any kind of movement. I also take those Frequent Flyer immunity boost tablets so I don't get sick.

Q What's in your carry-on luggage?

A We're told to put a jockstrap and pair of tights in our hand luggage. At least then you'll have something to dance in if your bag doesn't show.

The Australian Ballet is performing Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake in an exclusive Melbourne season of 11 performances from June 21 at the Melbourne Arts Centre. See