Frequent flyer: Max Warner

Watching the world's best bars is part of the job for this mixologist.

Q What was your first international trip?

A Although I was born in London, I spent quite a lot of my first 10 years in Kenya because my father worked there. I remember the wide open spaces, the constant sound of crickets and the warm climate.

Q Where do you travel for work?

A I travel all over: Asia, South Africa, Europe, Egypt, Jordan, Israel. My most frequent destination is China, which is unlike anywhere else. Chivas is huge there. You walk into bars, the whole back-bar display is Chivas. It's almost like a shrine. When people find out I'm the brand ambassador, I'm treated like royalty.

Q Which city has the best nightlife?

A One place that stands out is Beirut. It's a great party city. Everyone has the attitude of living for today. When they have some money in their pocket, they go out to bars and restaurants. They're very sophisticated people and they like to speak English, which is great for me. You go to a bar and there'll be all ages from 20 to 50 and everybody's dancing, everybody's talking.

Q What's the strangest drink you've ever been served?

A In South America, there are large and sleepy bees and the kids wrap cotton threads around them while they're asleep so they end up on a leash. I was served a drink that consisted of cachaca and champagne poured over honeycomb. One end of the string was tied around the honeycomb; on the other end was a live garnish. As the honeycomb slowly dissolves, the string releases and the bee flies away.

Q If you could be in any bar right now, where would you be?

A There's a bar on an island in the Maldives that's right on the equator. If you get there at 6pm you can look through the back and watch the sun melt into the sea. You sip your Manhattan or your martini and you know the evening's begun.

Max Warner is brand ambassador and head mixologist for Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky.

Interview by Ute Junker