Frequent flyer: Tim Pallin

Tim Pallin, managing director of Paddy Pallin.


Guest House Gorak Shep in Nepal. I am not a person who longs for luxury, which is a good thing when you arrive here. The lodge is a cramped, smoke-filled building made of tin sheeting, the insides are done in 30-year-old raggy chic and the fire burns yak dung, which stings the eyes. In this case it is all about location. The tiny township sits on a frozen lake beside the gravel moraine of the Khumbu Glacier creaking its way down the valley from the upper flanks of Mount Everest. It is an inspiring and humbling place.


Qantas: a consistently high level of service and I like to support Australia where I can. I don't have any anecdotes about them and I feel this is a very good thing for an airline.


Kinchega National Park in western NSW. We camped among the fantastic river red gums on the banks of the Darling River and I spent much of the day reading and watching an egret changing fishing locations. Amazing we had time for tea, really.


Osprey travel luggage, because we sell it and to my mind they are the best thought-out, put-together and value travel products on the market. I do not travel with any other brand.


Patagonia Nano Puff jacket; this is a high-quality synthetic insulated jacket, a go-anywhere piece of clothing. It makes a great pillow, it packs up small, is very warm, reasonably windproof and, though not waterproof, totally impervious to even heavy rain.


I am keen to visit Bhutan. I am always impressed by the people who live at altitude. They have a strong understanding of what is really important in life. This is what all bushwalkers know, that friendship strengthens quickly under adversity.