Frequent flyer: Yosvani Ramos

New York is the next destination for this Australian Ballet artist.

Q How often are you on the road as principal artist for the Australian Ballet?

A A lot. For example, this year we went to Adelaide, Sydney, Hamilton Island - where I danced at the resort Qualia as part of the evening Pas de Deux in Paradise - and I just came back from touring regional Victoria and NSW.

Q The most challenging part of travel?

A Packing the right amount of stuff. I always take too much with me.

Q What is in your hand luggage?

A My laptop, my camera and, for overseas flights, a bag with toiletries to freshen up.

Q Best seat on a plane?

A Anywhere in first class. Otherwise, I like aisle seats.

Q Where is home?

A I'm from Camaguey, Cuba, but home now is in Melbourne. My family is in Cuba. I'm very close to my mum, dad and sister and I visit them every January. I left Cuba in 1997 and danced for two years in Paris, nine years in London and I've been in Australia for more than three years.

Q Where to next?

A I have two weeks off at the end of September, so I will be doing an around-the-world trip: Chicago, New York and then London. Chicago is such a beautiful and clean city ... there is always something happening in New York, and London is where most of my friends are.

Q Your ideal meal abroad?

A I love going with my best friend, Geni, to a Thai restaurant in London called Busaba, in Soho. I always have the chicken thom ka soup and green chicken curry with rice.

Q You speak four languages. Which language do you think in?

A Mainly English. My native language is Spanish, though.

Q Your career highlight so far?

A Dancing with the Paris Opera Ballet, English National Ballet and now the Australian Ballet, which I think is the highlight.

Q What is your greatest indulgence while travelling?

A Shopping, especially Abercrombie & Fitch in the US. I always go crazy when I'm there and buy lots ... I also only wear their cologne Fierce.

Interview by Jane Reddy

Yosvani Ramos performs in The Merry Widow on November 10-28 at the Sydney Opera House with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. See