Funniest snow reports

Australians like to take the piss. We love to pay out others and ourselves and applaud when others do too. We also like the truth which is why Mt Buller snow reporter Chris Morecroft's video went viral this week after he channeled a drunk Mel Gibson in Braveheart with a dash of Mrs Doubtfire when reporting on the less-than-stellar snow conditions.

It wasn't the accent that got us going, Mr Morecroft has dabbled with German before without the same viral success, it was the piss take at something we've all done. Complained about snow conditions.

"So to those of you who would sit at home and go 'ooohh nooo, the weather's not to me liking I say 'harden up' and to those who say 'but there's holes in the snow' I say 'go around them because in weeks to come when you're sweltering away in the summer heat, do you want to say 'oh I sat at home and it was lovely' or do you want to say that you skied until the last man skied'.

Another video managed to also go viral this week with many laughing in the aisles, though the Nazi scene offended some and riled up others with four-letter words. I am sure the creator only meant to create mirth but Peter Hirst is a wanted man in Hotham with a video of Hitler (from the famous scene in Downfall) and his crew discussing skiing at Hotham in September with references to 46 centimetres of man-made ice cream.

Morecroft isn't the first to inject some much needed personality in the humble snow report. Hotham snow reporter, Toby Levins, created an Old Spice report in 2010 that had skiers quoting "look up, look down, where are you? You're at Hotham with the man who skis like your man could."

Perisher couldn't have asked for better global advertising than the edit from Norwegian Snowboard Team and the world's best riders filmed in Front Valley this season. Though I still don't get the New York, New York soundtrack to jumping kangaroos.


Who doesn't love marketers taking the piss out of marketers? American Mike Thomas created this hilarious edit titled Ski Resort Marketing 101 for Park City Mountain Resort earlier this year with snow reporters broadcasting live from a green screen with fake snow falling footage while outside on the mountain it is raining.

The video has the mountain's real marketers referring to global warming as internet rumours, posting puppy pics on Facebook to detract from the snow conditions and hashtagging #nipplesdeeppowder. The beauty of this video is it was created by the resort taking the mickey out of themselves.

Not quite a snow report, but funny none the less. Killington Mountain in Vermont in the USA released a series of 30-second branding videos including this one titled Spring Skiing is so Hot.

Though personally, I think this John Denver clip says it all.

We've also created our own instagram video mashup of this season that some say wasn't a real season featuring Instagram pics tagged #misssnowitall. Almost makes us want to relive the season again, almost.

Did your image make the cut?

Still got time on your hands? Check out this blog featuring the Freeski Lego video and our good friends at Slopefillers have listed the most uploaded videos from the northern 2012/2013 season here.

Do you have a favourite snow reporter or snow report? What do you love or loathe about snow reports from ski resorts? Post a comment on the blog below.

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