Minoan magic ... a fresco in the palace at Minos.

From real to imagined

With expert guidance, Juliet Rix unearths mythological tales and Minoan palaces on the island of Crete.

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Woman pretending to kiss the Sphinx, Egypt. Solo travel.

Roam alone

Breaking free of the tribe can deliver the holiday of a lifetime, writes frequent soloist Julietta Jameson.

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Guide guru … Nigel McGilchrist makes notes; the monastery of Panaghia Chozoviotissa on Amorgos, one of his ...

One man's epic journey

Nigel McGilchrist talks to Max Davidson about his 20-part series of guidebooks on the islands of the Aegean.

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In the deep end ... (from far left) the swimmers bob in the Aegean Sea; the group swims beside the yacht Katerina

The great island crawl

Goggles on, Hannah Booth joins a tour group that preferes to swim its way around the Minor Cyclades.

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