Howler: Snoop Dogg raps for Air New Zealand

Just when you thought the world really was in a desperate place, along comes the confirmation.

An All Black-jersey wearing Snoop Dogg, the international hip-hop star, has joined forces with Air New Zealand's some-time controversial mascot, Rico, to produce a music video.

Rico, whose risque antics promoting the airline's new Skycouch, drew some complaints, joins Snoop in his "studio" to rap the track Hello Sunshine.

It features the less-than-brilliant lyrics:


Ladies, Rico's here just off the plane,

Ready to take away all your pain.

We're gonna cook a dish, made to savour

Come add your spice, don't matter the flavour.


Here I is, where my baby at tonight?

The big Dogg with the big bite.

Hello sunshine

Would you be mine?

From Cali to Kiwis,

We do it big in the New Zee

In the airline's media release, Snoop is quoted as saying:

"Meet this guy [Rico] and you'll understand why I wanted to work with him. He's funny. He's a little bit edgy and a little bit naughty, which is a nice change for an industry that is known for having some of the dullest marketing known to mankind."

Rico, meanwhile, said he was been a huge fan of Snoop Dogg.

"I love all kinds of music including Snoop Dogg, David Bowie, Chromeo and Stevie Wonder. They inspire me, and I have even written a song myself, Love Popsicle.

"Working with Snoop is a dream come true. I have also always dreamt of singing with Lady Gaga or meeting Justin Beiber - I think they are hot and, well. I am Gaga for Bieber Fever!"

Air New Zealand marketing general manager Mike Tod said Snoop and Rico had millions of followers in social media and performing a song together came naturally.

Oh dear, Snoop, this really howls.