Iran Aseman Airlines historic flight: The last scheduled passenger service on a Boeing 727

It was a historic flight, but one that ended in little fanfare or pomp.

The final scheduled passenger service on a Boeing 727 has taken place.

Iran Aseman Airlines' Flight EP851 between Zahedan and Tehran was operated by a 38-year-old Boeing 727-200 Advanced, reports The Points Guy.

Once the most widely sold commercial jet in history, the 727 is now mainly used for cargo and some military and private use.

The 727 debuted in 1963 and became a mainstay of domestic travel in the US and around the world. It first entered service with Eastern Air Lines in February 1964.

Production ended in 1984 with 1831 aircraft delivered, which would be the highest total for any jet airliner until the 737 surpassed it in the early 1990s.

The 727 run by Iran Aseman Airlines is the oldest aircraft in its fleet.

While the airline has made no direct comment on the last scheduled flight, journalist Babak Taghvaee did post a video on Twitter capturing the final flight.

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