I've got pre-existing conditions. Which is the best travel insurer?

I turned 66 last year and my cardiologist advises I now need to stay on aspirin and statins. My travel insurer, QBE via ANZ travel, doesn't want to know me! We're off to South Africa. Which insurers would you recommend? G. Rowe, Wyoming, NSW

Feedback suggests Covermore and InsureandGo might be more helpful for travellers with pre-existing conditions.

If they do, you'll probably be asked to pay a  premium and an insurer might put a cap on the extent to which they would provide cover if you were to require treatment related to your pre-existing condition while overseas.

There are some pre-existing conditions that the underwriters will not accept under any circumstance and I have to say yours does not sound sufficiently severe to fall into this category.

Personally, I would hope to keep travelling as long as I find stimulation from the world, although this might be well past the age when a travel insurer will provide cover.


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