Jennifer Aniston's Emirates A380 TV ad: Jen swaps first-class for economy class

Jennifer Aniston swaps first-class for economy class in new Emirates TV ad

The Hollywood actress tries out economy class in the airline's latest campaign.

She was slammed for starring in the "snobbiest ad ever", but now Jennifer Aniston is attempting to show she can be just like the rest of us.

The actress has appeared in another advert for Emirates, and this time takes a turn in economy class. 

Last year Aniston was mocked for her "elitist" ad with the airline, which depicts her having a nightmare when she finds herself on a plane with no shower

She wakes to find herself flying in the lap of luxury in the Emirates first-class cabin.

The new TV ad shows Aniston trading her first-class seat for the economy cabin, a move Business Insider described as: "Emirates wants consumers and its competitors to know it is confident in all of its products, not just its premium cabins."

Aniston was reported to have been paid US$5 million (NZ$7 million) for her contract with the airline.