Lake Tyers - Fast Facts

Lake Tyers (including Nowa Nowa)
Historic town and forest park on the edge of Lake Tyers.
In a valley to the east of Lakes Entrance are the township, lake and 5300-hectare forest park of Lake Tyers, all named after Charles Tyers, a public servant who was appointed as the first commissioner for crown lands in Victoria in 1843.

The outlet to the sea is usually closed by a sand bar which was once used as a crossing for stage coaches on the Lakes Entrance to Orbost run. Access and walking tracks thread through the red ironbark, Gippsland grey box, mountain grey gum and blue gum - the remnants of an old rainforest.

It is common to see Lake Tyers as three separate destinations. 1. The lake itself. 2. The township which is known as Lake Tyers Beach and 3. Lake Tyers which is an area which includes the Aboriginal Trust land known as Bung Yardna.