Largs - Places to See

Largs Public School
The Largs Public School is located on the corner of Morpeth and Hunter Streets on the edge of the town. Established in 1838 it is the oldest public school in NSW. Within the grounds (it is around the corner in John Street) is The Largs Bush School, an early colonial slab hut which contains historical documents. It is open to the public during school hours but you must contact tel: (02) 4930 1888. The sign outside reads: 'This slab hut was built originally as a tenant farmers home sometime in the 1830s when the land was part of the Dunmore Lang estate. It stood about 100 metres south east of its present position and was lived in continuously until the 1940s. In 1978 it was relocated. The museum was established as a Bicentenary project.'

In the Area
A right turn at the T-intersection just beyond the school will take you 1.3 km to another T-intersection. Opposite is Dunmore House and its stone rubble outbuildings. A right turn here will take you to Woodville (2 km) and a left to Maitland.

If you turn left at the T-intersection just beyond Largs School, Largs Ave is the second right. On this corner is the old school of arts (1878). Up Largs Ave, to the right, is St Andrew's Anglican Church (1862). It has been speculated that, in adopting the name of St Andrew's for their church, the locals may have been drawn by the coincidence of Scottish saint and benevolent landlord.

Accommodation and Eating
There are no accommodation. AJs at the Largs Hotel offers lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. See Morpeth for details.