Las Vegas: Stranded man shows how to kill time at a deserted airport

Best way to kill time at an airport?

Richard Dunn films and edits his own music video at McCarran airport in Las Vegas after being stranded for 15 hours.

A night spent stranded inside an airport is – for most people – a nightmare. Not so for Richard Dunn.

The US traveller saw his recent overnight stay at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas as the perfect opportunity for some creativity. He filmed and editing this amusing music video, complete with passionate lip-synching, by attaching his iPhone to furniture around the airport.

The chosen song – Celine Dion’s version of the classic power ballad All By Myself – is apt, given that poor Mr Dunn is just about the only one at the airport.

We’re shown rows of empty seats, deserted runways and duty-free shops before the bespectacled Mr Dunn appears, slumped in a chair.

He begins lip-synching for the first chorus, and doesn’t let up, adopting various fun poses – such as reclining on a sculpture of a tortoise (which he later serenades), clutching a telephone at the Delta customer services desk (where a sign ironically reads “Need Help?"), staring wistfully at a poster of an attractive woman, and rocking back and forth in a foetal position.

For the crescendo he unzips his black jacket to reveal an “I Love Las Vegas” T-shirt, before staggering the wrong way down a travelator, and dousing himself with bottled water.

Mr Dunn had been returning home from a 10-day work trip on June 5 when Delta offered him $900 in vouchers to skip two consecutive flights, leaving him with plenty of time on his hands.

He told CBC News that he’d Googled songs about loneliness before opting for Celine Dion, and admitted he got some strange looks from cleaning staff during filming. He used luggage tape to secure his iPhone to objects – such as the travelator – to get those moving shots, before editing the footage. The clip – posted on Vimeo three days ago – has been watched more than 70,000 times, and received universal praise among fellow users.

The Telegraph, London