Letters: Cheaper to park a plane than a car at airport

Park a plane

I'm training for a commercial pilot's licence. Earlier this month I hired and flew a light plane from Melbourne's Moorabbin Airport to Adelaide. To park a car in the long-term parking section at Adelaide Airport costs $25 a day; $40 for two days; $50 for three. To park a 10-metre-wide Piper PA-28 Cherokee in general aviation parking at the same airport costs $15.34 a day. I might just have to ask to park my car on the tarmac next time I'm at a major airport.

- Nick Stobie

Vietnam visa confusion

Here's a costly trap. On a recent trip to south-east Asia, we booked to fly home from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with a transit of 1½ hours at Ho Chi Minh airport, Vietnam. We had checked with the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra - the information was that no visa was required as we would be in transit. At Phnom Penh airport, we were refused boarding passes for the flight to Ho Chi Minh City. We were shown an email stating that "Vietnam airport policy" requires passengers to have a visa if transferring to a "low-cost" airline in HCMC. We arrived home after two extra nights in Phnom Penh and approached our airline carriers. We have a refund from one but the other is non-refundable. Beware.

- Ian Pike

Fijian hospitality

We were in Fiji when recent heavy rains caused widespread flooding. Within about three days of the flood, things were up and running. We stayed at Smugglers Cove Resort and we thank the staff for looking after us. They worked hard - some had flooded homes themselves and some slept at the resort as they could not get home. Don't be afraid to go to Fiji any time soon. They need all the visitors they can get.

- Liz Weston


Cruise between villages

We were recently in Fiji for a Legend Cruises journey. The ship is designed to cater for both tourists and the cargo needs of remote villages and has an onboard supermarket. Locals come to ports and trade and barter fresh fish and produce for groceries and staples. Passenger cabins are basic but each has airconditioning and an en suite. The food is delicious and the ship has a well-stocked bar. I recommend the cruise to anyone looking for some insight into traditional Fijian life.

- Calum Cragie

Fuelling debate

I do not want to burst Helen Homan's bubble (Traveller Letters, April 7-8), but the probable reason an airline weighs passengers and their hand luggage is about maximum freight for minimum fuel, rather than safety. That's the bottom line.

- Robert Graham

Five-star failings

I read with great amusement the recent article about hotels and staff prepared to cater for unusual requests from guests (Traveller, March 24-25). On a recent visit to Sydney, while staying in supposedly five-star hotel accommodation, we had the utmost difficulty getting the simplest of requests granted: enough towels for the people occupying the suite; two single beds rather than a double for our adult daughters. I don't have outlandish or exceptional whims to be fulfilled. I just want good service.

- Derryn Doherty

Second thoughts in Noosa

I made a booking recently in Noosa for a weekend getaway. We received an email confirming the reservation, and the notice: "Effective February, 2012, a 1.5 per cent fee applies to all transactions settled by credit card. This fee will be added to the total of the transaction." I contacted the hotel and the operations manager told me: "Everyone else in the industry has created the fee so we have, too." Why do Australian hotels feel it's acceptable to implement fees for the sake of it? I cancelled the reservation and booked elsewhere.

- Michael Combs

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