Letters: It's time airlines addressed whining babies

Shutters and children

If airlines are so concerned about passenger comfort that they insist on window shutters being closed during flights (Traveller October 23), it is about time they addressed the issue of whining, unruly babies and young children. We have endured many a nightmare flight caused by endless screaming and, if a choice were available, we would opt for open window shutters any time.

Considering the majority of passengers are child free, isn't it about time child-free flights were offered?

- Jan and Alan Schneider

Open and closed

I have just returned from France and want to advise other travellers that the Picasso Museum in the Marais district of Paris is closed for renovations until 2012.

However, we thoroughly enjoyed the Monet exposition on show at the Grand Palais until January 24 (buy your tickets online to avoid the two-hour queues for entry).

- Leanne Anderson

Parking pain

When we checked into a Travelodge in Scotland I was asked to key my car registration into a display screen so we would not charged for parking in their car park.

However, six weeks after returning home we received a letter from a parking company in Britain saying we had parked illegally and would be fined £60 ($98). I rang the hotel concerned and was told they would sort the issue.

A few days later I got a letter from the car hire company saying they had debited my credit card £50 for service charges because it had to give the parking company my details.

I then received a letter saying the fine had been reviewed and we would not be charged. Never again will I stay at a Travelodge in Britain.

- Sienna Smythe

Uluru disappoints

I read your piece on Uluru (Traveller, October 23) with interest. I visited in September and was sorely disappointed with the quality of the accommodation. We paid $580 for what we presumed would be a comfortable, high-quality room at Sails in the Desert. What we got was a dirty, musty, dated room. It was by far the worst hotel in which I've stayed in Australia, as well as being one of the most expensive. I can only hope that the change in management brings an improvement in value for money for those who journey to this amazing part of the world.

- Clare McInerney

A bed in Bali

Regarding Phil Rosati's letter about overbooked accommodation in Bali (Traveller, October 23), I have never had problems with prepaid accommodation with Garuda Holidays, which I've used since 1998. I do not always use Garuda Airlines but whichever is the cheapest and easiest.

- Rose Hill

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