Letters: why we're boycotting Melbourne Airport


We have been boycotting Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) for a couple of years and have found Avalon Airport, near Geelong, an ideal alternative for both national and international travel. From our home in south-west Victoria it is a pleasant rural drive of one hour, with convenient, reasonably priced parking. With limited flights, we fly to Sydney and either fly on from there or catch the train into the city for a night or two. Far more flight choices available at times that suit us and no more panic to be on time in the choked Melbourne road system.

- Susan Spencer



Having just stayed with friends in the Victoria Suite at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne for two nights, I am convinced we have a world-class, historic and gracious hotel to be protected and treasured at all costs. Because we had our wedding reception there in 1964, we were one of the lucky couples to win a two-night stay, together with my best man and his wife, at the price of the room as it was at our wedding date, the grand sum of $7.50 a night! From the warm welcome from the reception staff, to the magnificent in-room dining experience, and the comfort provided within the suite where Sir Robert Menzies lived for a considerable period, we were proud to be living in this great city.

- Peter Harms


Like your correspondents Anne Buckley (Rants & Raves, December 7-8) and Bruce Casselden (December 14-15), we have just returned from a fascinating and wonderful trip to Myanmar. And I fully endorse their advice to take only pristine US dollars. I would like to add some further advice - take a torch when going out at night. I fell into a hole in the footpath while walking to a restaurant in Mandalay and badly gashed my leg. The leader took me to a hospital and did most of the talking. He also arranged several follow-up visits at various places as we continued our tour. I had to pay for all the medical treatments in local cash. Luckily, there was a working ATM in Bagan.


- Pam Stokes


I read with interest the letter from Peter Downes about possible identity theft after hiring cars in France (Rants & raves, December 14-15). The same thing happened to me last year and nobody wants to know. I have contacted my federal MP, DFAT, who put me on to the Consulat General in Sydney, the French Embassy in Canberra and the AFP, also in Canberra, without result. In my first Avis de Contravention, the registration they quoted was different from the car I hired and the date was three weeks after I had returned to Australia. When I responded with a Requet de Exoneration, I got another speeding fine, this time in a Land Rover near Strasbourg on July 16. We were not in Strasbourg this year; we were there in 2012.

- Ken Mortensen


By all means, Eric Peterson (Rants & raves, December 14-15), find an Asian trip that offers more for less cost than an Australian one. But please consider that the people involved in the operation of Australian tours and their suppliers are paid and rewarded in accordance with the standards in this country.

- Jan Perry