LIVE Q&A: What are the best value destinations this year?

With the Australian dollar dropping (and predicted by some to go as low as 66 US cents) 2014 is a year to find destinations that won't break the bank.

Our travel expert Michael Gebicki, The Tripologist, is here to help you find the best value holidays for the year ahead. Got a question on how to save money where you're heading? Want to know where you can get away for a bargain price? Looking for advice on how to save on foreign currency or mobile roaming?

Our live Q&A is now finished. Thanks for all your questions. Stay tuned for our next live Q&A with the Tripologist. In the meantime, take a look at Michael's answers below for his tips on taking a great value holiday this year.

A Sydney-based travel writer and photographer, Michael has been writing travel articles since 1982. The freedom and the sense of the unexpected that travel brings are still powerful motivators, "and writing about it gives me a license to poke around in odd corners of the world," he says.

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