LIVE Q&A: Where should you travel to in 2014?

Where are you planning to travel to in 2014? What are the hot destinations for this year? Whatever your plans, our travel expert Michael Gebicki, the Tripologist is here to help you make the most of your travels.

Our live chat is now closed. Thanks to everyone for taking part. Michael answered as many questions as he could but was unable to get to all of them. You can still email him at the address above with your questions for consideration in his weekly column.

Meanwhile, you can still read the questions and Michael's answers below to find inspiration and advice for your travels in 2014.

A Sydney-based travel writer and photographer, Michael has been writing travel articles since 1982. The freedom and the sense of the unexpected that travel brings are still powerful motivators, "and writing about it gives me a license to poke around in odd corners of the world," he says.

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