Luxury cruise ship blasts White Stripes' hit song

Instead of the usual blast of hair-raising noise emitted from cruise ship horns to warn of their arrival at a harbour, hundreds celebrating the Port of Hamburg's 825th anniversary in Germany were treated to something more melodic as MCS Magnifica sailed into port. 

According to London's Telegraph, last week the cruise ship's captain belted out a particularly resonant version of the White Stripes' most well-known bassline from the first few bars of their song Seven Nation Army using the ship's horns. The ship's version was captured on video and posted on YouTube, receiving more than 1.2 million hits since its upload on Saturday.

The MSC Magnifica is a luxury cruise ship from Italy which can carry up to 2500 passengers who can choose to stay in opulent sea-facing cabins with balconies. 

Passengers on board the ship are not lacking in entertainment, with five restaurants, bars, a 1200-seat theatre, casino and disco. Hangovers suffered from decadent nights out can be blissed out at one of the numerous spas, saunas or fitness centres.

Seven Nation Army earnt the White Stripes a Grammy in the US, and here in Australia it reached 20th place in Triple J's Hottest 100 of All Time in 2009. The song's underlying riff is actually played by guitar, despite its bassy tones. 

In Italy it became popular as a sporting anthem in football, but its popularity could not be ignored here either, with A-League team Melbourne Victory using the song at home games following a team goal. Victory's home ground is down the road from Richmond's Corner Hotel, where Wikipedia claim the guitar riff was originally composed.