Magaluf bar crawl shut down in wake of viral sex video

A club night notorious for encouraging drunken sex acts among tourists in Magaluf has been ordered to close down for 12 months.

A video showing an 18-year-old performing sex acts on a string of men at a bar during a club night called Carnage went viral last month, scandalising the island and prompting the region's mayor to introduce a new law aimed at cleaning up the resort.

Now the council of Calvia, the region which includes Magaluf, has decided that the video constituted a serious violation of the Children and Adolescents Act. The legislation prohibits the distribution of "pornographic" material involving a young person.

The footage had been taken inside the Playhouse nightclub, a police report found, following a boozy bar crawl organised by Carnage.

The council has decided to fine the owner of both the bar and Carnage a joint sum of £43,500 ($A78,500). It has said that both Carnage and the venue should be closed down for 12 months. Both have leave to appeal the decision, which came into effect on Friday.

The Carnage website no longer offers bar crawls, which once were available as part of hedonistic package comprising a bar crawl, boat party and club night for £79.99 ($A144).

Pool parties featuring some of the perma-tanned cast of the British television show The Only Way is Essex are still being advertised however, with tickets on sale on Monday, according to the Carnage Twitter account.

A two-week-old law announced by Manuel Onieva, the Mayor of Calvia, requires that any company wanting to operate a pub crawl in the area will now need to apply for a licence through the town hall.

In order to be granted a licence they will have to "prove their responsibility and show that they have the appropriate civil insurances in place."

The leaders of pub crawls will also be required to wear a specific jacket so that local police can identify which have been approved.

Pub crawls have also been limited to a maximum of 50 people taking part at any one time. Operators found leading groups larger than this face an unspecified fine.

The tour operator Club 18 30 was never associated with Carnage events but is one of those having to comply with the new law.

Having been issued with a temporary licence to run bar crawls in Magaluf, a spokesman for Club 18 30 said, "we anticipate that we will receive a full license at the earliest opportunity, most probably this week.

"To make this possible, all of our reps individually registered with the local authorities, and all now carry copies of passports, their individual licences and overall company licence when conducting their duties."

He said that official jackets, which were issued this week, will be worn at all times by staff and that the company has requested photo ID cards which it will also issue to staff.

"Whilst our reps' role is to ensure that everyone has a good time, we do take our customers safety extremely seriously and our reps do look out for people they feel may be drinking to excess," he continued.

"However, we do have to rely to a certain extent on our customers having a sense of their own limitations."

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