Met someone you fancy on a plane? Website helps track them down

It seems many an airline traveller takes a fancy to the person in the seat next to them.

Hundreds of people have left their details on a new website that aims to reunite people who have met on plane journeys.

In its first few weeks, has had more than 20,000 page views, as people search for that attractive someone with whom they never traded numbers.

Stories have been logged by people from all over the world, leaving the flight number, date and other details of the flight to help identify the person they are trying to find.

A search algorithm is used to find any stories posted by other passengers from that flight, in the hope the attraction was mutual.

The site, which is the brainchild of Sydney businessman Will Scully-Power, is yet to declare a match but he says more than 30 per cent of visitors are staying for more than 10 minutes, indicating they are "highly engaged" in their search.

Scully-Power met his own girlfriend on a plane and says he was encouraged by figures showing 4400 people a month type the search term "met on a plane" into Google.