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Hoodoos and mesas seen from Inspiration Point, in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Where to stop on a road trip between LA and Denver

MY FRIEND AND I ARE PLANNING A ONE WEEK ROAD TRIP FROM DENVER TO LA. CAN YOU PLEASE SUGGEST A ROUTE AND WHERE TO STAY TO BREAK UP THE TRIP? LEAVING DENVER LATE AFTERNOON, WHERE COULD WE STOP OVERNIGHT? G. WIESNER, HAWTHORN EAST, VIC Driving west from Denver, first stop could be Glenwood Springs, and maybe take a dip in the thermal pools that give this resort city its name. Continue to Moab and after you cross the border into Utah take Route 128 south, a scenic drive along the Colorado River. From Moab you have access to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and in between, Dead Horse Point State Park, all outstanding places of incredible natural beauty. Spend three nights here at Moab then drive north to return to Highway 50 and continue west, then turn south when you get to Highway 72, which becomes Highway 24 and then 12. This is a mind-blowing drive through some of the most sensational scenery the American West has to offer – along steep cliffs, high desert and wooded mountains through Grand Staircase National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park. Spend a couple of nights in Kanab to visit Zion National Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon, continue to Las Vegas and on to Los Angeles.

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Gondola on Canal Grande in Venice, in a beautiful summer day in Italy SunOct15coverexp

Can you catch a ferry from Italy to Croatia?

WE'RE TWO COUPLES PLANNING A TRIP TO CROATIA IN MAY 2018, CONSIDERING FLYING INTO VENICE AND A NIGHT OR TWO THERE BEFORE CATCHING A FERRY TO POREC. ARE THE FERRIES RELIABLE? CAN YOU RECOMMEND SOME THINGS TO DO IN VENICE? N. DOMBKINS, SALAMANDER BAY, NSW According to direct ferries (directferries.com.au) there are two ferry lines operating between Venice and Porec offering a daily service. The crossing takes around two hours. Ferries are reliable and you might want to book your ticket now to avoid the possibility of a price rise. Two nights in Venice gives you only one day and that's not enough. I suggest four nights minimum. Venice is a knockout. A city tour is essential and the local tourist office has several walking tours led by expert guides. You can find a tourist office in St Mark's Square and there are others. There are several possible themes, most of which include the distinctive food of Venice. Other "musts" would be the Penny Guggenheim Collection, Musica a Palazzo (palazzovitturi.com), a trip across the lagoon to Burano and go early in the morning, the Rialto Market and plenty of time taking ferries, hanging around in cafes and wandering around in a state of amazement – it's that kind of a place. Accommodation in Venice is fantastically expensive but you can get far better value if you stay in Mestre, preferably somewhere close to the station, and take the train into Venice.

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