More than $40 for a sandwich: The world's costliest room service

If you are dining in a Helsinki hotel room, expect to part with around $42.25 for a club sandwich.

A study measuring the cost of the most popular items from room service menus from 48 destinations around the world found Helsinki to be the most expensive for Australian travellers.

Tunis in Tunisia charged the least for room service.

Items in the TripAdvisor study included a club sandwich and the dry cleaning of one shirt; from the mini bar, costs were measured from a bottle of water, peanuts, a mini bottle of vodka and a can of coke.

The total cost of all measured items will set you back $20.39 in Tunis. in Helsinki, you would pay around five times more - $98.48.

The world's most expensive charges for room service originate in Scandanavia, with Oslo, Sweden and Copenhagen featuring in the top ten, along with Paris and New York.

Travellers on tighter budgets would find South Africa's prices more palatable, with a club sandwich in a Cape Town hotel costing $8.03, which can be washed down with a mini bottle of vodka at the extremely reasonable price of $2.55 -  which is cheaper than a $2.62 bottle of water.

Australia's most expensive city Sydney had moderately priced room service in comparison, with a total cost of all measured items reaching $53.58.

London, considered one of the world's most expensive destinations, missed out on a top ten spot, slotting in at number 13 in the world's most expensive list.


When the room service orders are combined with average room rates, Jakarta becomes the most cost-effective destination, while New York becomes the priciest.

The TripAdvisor survey is similar to the annual “Club Sandwich Index”, published by the website, the most recent of which – published in June last year – found that hotels in Geneva charged the most for the popular snack.

One five-star hotel in the Swiss city charged guests a princely $61.73 for the humble chicken, bacon, egg and salad sandwich.

A trio of Scandinavian capitals – Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen – came next in the poll, while the most cost-effective destinations to feature were New Delhi ($10.73), Mexico City ($12.43), Taipei ($13.40), Bogota ($13.45) and Bangkok ($13.92).