Mt Glorious: Turkey's Nest

The basics

Turkey’s Nest

1780 Mount Glorious Road, Mt Glorious

P: 07 3289 0004



Cost:  The one-bedroom cottage is $330 for a two-night stay, and the two bedroom cottage is $390. Mid-week stays are as low as $140 a night.

There are two cottages, white gum and red gum, located about 100m apart.

The room

The tree stump in the middle of the lower floor is a giveaway that “red gum cottage” is a true eco lodge. Russell and Rose Cuthbertson built this cottage themselves, much of it from the timber they had to clear to lay the foundations.

Everything is eco-driven – the power, the water, the rubbish, the lot.


In some ways, it’s a walk back in time with the fireplace, traditional dining table, cosy wicker furniture on the back deck and a basic kitchen.

But the essentials are modern, particularly the shower, and the bedroom which sits in a large loft overlooking the rainforest and distant city lights. There’s also a day bed in the loft, and a deep bath on the bathroom.

The Food

There isn’t a lot around on Mt Glorious, apart from Mt Glorious Restaurant and Cafe which opens for lunch and a terrific and hearty breakfast. Beware, however, the tame kookaburra which seems to have as much taste for bacon and eggs as the customers.

As a sign warns: “We unfortunately have a very exuberant kookaburra. He/she will take your food from under your nose (literally).”

While the naughty bird’s not demanding attention, there are astounding views across the rolling valleys. There are also a few other food cafe options in Mt Glorious Village.

At night, however, the best ploy is to stop at the small shopping centre at Stamford which is about 20 minutes from the cottages. There’s a friendly butcher who calls everybody “young fella”, seemingly regardless of their age or gender.  There’s a small supermarket, fruit and vegetable store and bakery.

Then make use of the outside barbecue, or indoor stove to cook.

The Activities

When sitting on the deck with birdlife and surrounding forest in front of you, and an old-style cottage behind, activities are generally the furthest thing from your mind.

Birds will come to the feeder, and the type of bird depends on the lure – some for seed, while others seemed to enjoy a few grapes.

D’Aguilar National Park has walks, but Turkey’s Nest has its own which finishes up at a towering fig tree. While it’s common for people to snuggle up by the fire in winter, the temperatures at Mt Glorious are always about 6-7 degrees cooler than the city, which makes walks popular year-round.

There are a few attractions along the Mt Glorious drive, but anybody would be forgiven for ordering in the mobile massage service and settling back with a good book.

The Weekend

The beauty of Turkey’s nest is that it offers as much as so many more pricey options located on the Gold or Sunshine Coasts.

Aside from the cost saving, there’s one other distinct advantage – the location to town. It’s only about 40 minutes to the city. And for many people wanting to get away for the weekend, that’s peace of mind, particularly if young children are with babysitters, or older children are at home by themselves.

This place really is a labour of love for owners Rose and Russell who are now planning to put in bushwalks, and who are passionate about the surrounding environment.

They bought the place a year after they were married, and say they haven’t regretted a minute of it. Many of their guests would say the same.

  • Simon Holt was a guest of Turkey’s Nest Mt Glorious.