My Place: Readers' favourite spots

Swan Hill College student Rachel Brown escapes to another world in her palace.

It’s my little getaway. Under a bright purple jacaranda it  lies. Away from everything else, it’s quiet, spacious and somewhere to feel safe.
To me it’s like  a palace, but not like the ones in the movies or story books.
It’s not very big but when inside you have more room then you know what to do with.
People come and go. Walk up the steps, look inside, and then go out again.  No one appreciates it any more.
It’s been here longer than any of us, but that  doesn’t matter to most people. Just because it looks old doesn’t mean it has lost its potential. It’s still beautiful.
My cubby house.
It’s my second home. I feel I’m in another world. It’s my  escape.
It has been with me since I was a baby, 15 years ago. The wood is starting to age.
The dark colour it was is fading. The door now  creaks every time opened.
 If you were to lay down inside, and look up, all you  would see are the bright glowing stars above, always there, every day and  every night. The windows allow the warm sun to shine through and the cold to  stay out.
I recall the joys of playing with my dolls, being a family with my pretend  friends.
Thinking about it makes me remember how I was so happy and carefree, and never had a worry in the world.

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