Naked Fish

The race against time to have Adaminaby’s big trout completely restored in time for winter (A Fishy Tale, April 21) has sadly failed.  While the structural work on the town’s tourists drawcard is complete, the weather is too cold for it’s all important paint job.

However, due to pressure from tourists desperate to have their photo snapped with the iconic trout, the sheets of blue plastic that have concealed the big rainbow trout during its restoration have been peeled back.

We are trying to get the funds to erect a big can of Mortein next to it

“Yeah the fish is a ‘silver fish’ at the moment we are trying to get the funds together to erect a big can of mortein next to it,” muses Steve Brayshaw referring to the colour-challenged rainbow trout.

One Adaminaby local who doesn’t mind the silver status of the big trout, is high country fly fisher, Steve Dunn who earlier this week, fired off this missive.

 “Every winter Lake Eucumbene's world famous rainbow trout move into the rivers and creeks to lay their eggs and replenish stocks.  The newly hatched alevins soon turn into shiny silver fry and then fingerlings before developing their familiar rainbow stripes. Like the wild fish, our trout is undergoing renewal and her silvery flanks will soon colour up, once winter is over. So remember to have your picture taken with our big fingerling because it’ll be a long time before she's silver again.”