Night flight? Guess you'll be catching a cab then

There are 33 flights bringing tourists into Brisbane Airport after 8pm tonight but there is no public transport to meet them.

Now Queensland's peak tourism organisation says Brisbane is not meeting its obligation to international tourists.

The only train services to and from Brisbane Airport - for both the domestic and international terminals - are provided by private company Airtrain.

The last city-bound service departs the domestic terminal at 8pm. this morning reported on rubbish-filled carriages experienced on Airtrain and received dozens of comments - many of them complaining about the early finishing time of services.

In Sydney, the private railway - known as Sydney's Airport Link - runs trains into the city heart until 12.41am.

And in Melbourne, the Skybus runs buses between the city's main station at Spencer Street and the airport 24 hours a day, seven days week.

There are no bus services to Brisbane Airport, TransLink confirmed.

Daniel Gschwind, CEO of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, said he was surprised to learn there were no buses at all and no trains after 8pm.

"The first point of contact with a destination is often the transport facilities from an airport, whether that is a taxi, or a coach or a train," Mr Gschwind said.

"And I think we need that we need to make a good impression. It really is an experience-shaping moment.

"I think it would be highly preferable to have trains available whenever a plane arrives. I think that is clearly the desirable situation and what most Australian expect when they arrive in a destination overseas."

He said questions should be asked.

"I am quite certain it is not meeting the expectations of international travellers. I think that is a fair comment."

Airtrain CEO Chris Basche has not responded to questions from

Rail: Back on Track spokesman Robert Dow said it was critical Brisbane improved its rail links to the airport because the rest of the rail network operated until after midnight.

"A lot of flights arrive after 8pm and at the moment if you miss that last train you really can't rely on the rail connections," Mr Dow said.

"So we think that the Airtrain services should be expanded."

Mr Dow said he understood there had been talks about timetable changes, including debate about noise levels.

"However electric trains, particularly the new electric trains, which run on the Airtrain network are extremely quiet."

Airtrain started in 2001 after the rail link to Brisbane Airport was built for $200 million.

The 33 flights arriving after 8pm tonight include 28 domestic flights, with two from all capital cities and from Maroochydore, Roma, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Emerald, Alice Springs and Cairns.

At the international airport there are five overseas flights arriving including from Fiji and Malaysia.