Pay-by-the-hour 'love hotel' opens in Auckland

A newly opened, controversial 'love hotel' in New Zealand still has a way to go to warm up its neighbours.

The Desire Love Motel, a Brazilian inspired pay-by-the-hour facility, has opened in an industrial area in Parity Place, Hillcrest, on Auckland's North Shore.

Owners Fred and Ana Ronnau say they have ensured the motel is as discreet as possible, with no flashing lights or images outside, but it's a different story inside.

Fantasy rooms complete with bed, mirror and bathroom facilities are available to couples in the themes of Moulin Rouge, Cleopatra, Kamasutra, Savannah, Disco and a special Roman room.

There is also a bar and private party room complete with spa bath which the Ronnaus say would suit hens and stag parties and even 21st birthdays.

In the short time it has been open, the owners say the motel has received rave reviews from satisfied customers.

But the nearby business owners and residents are not so cheerful.

Glenfield resident and Kaipatiki Local Board member Chris Marshall says there are concerns about the nature of the business with its late night opening hours near a residential area.

There are also rumours that the Ronnaus are planning to apply for a brothel licence after a previous application was declined following public uproar.


A council bylaw prohibits brothels from existing within 250 metres of housing.

The Ronnaus say they initially applied for the licence to save public confusion over what the facility was about.

It has been a year-long battle to establish the motel, but it's worth it, Mrs Ronnau says.

"Over here you have to create the mentality because it's a new concept."

The Ronnaus say the motel is a safe place for internet couples to meet, and a fun place for married couples wanting to spice up their relationship.

"This allows for people to be noisy, laugh and play around," Mr Ronnau says.

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