Places in the heart: Tim Ross

Gippsland boasts some of Victoria's finest seaside towns and is where comedian Tim "Rosso" Ross spent childhood holidays with family and, later, adult breaks with friends.

INVERLOCH, VICTORIA is where we went for holidays when I was young. No one else I knew would go there, because no one really knew where it was. One of Mum's friends had a holiday house there, a rambling 1920s-built home with original furniture, a kooky old attic and a big grass tennis court out the front. It seemed to be in a time warp, but we loved it.

It was right on the beach but we'd go in winter a lot of the time, I think because it was cheaper. It was a great place to connect as a family. I learnt to ride my bike there and to play cards. We'd walk along the beach all rugged up and I'd throw seaweed at my brother. One year there was a freak occurrence and white nautilus shells washed up on the beach. We must have collected 20 of them and they're still a feature in every one of our family's houses, 35 years later.

Mainly, Inverloch was a backdrop for spending time together because everything stopped – Mum wasn't working, Dad wasn't working and our routines changed. As we got older we'd bring mates from Melbourne down to the house. I first heard Led Zeppelin when I was 12 and a mate brought a tape. We'd ride around on our bikes with our Walkmans on, listening.

I'm still drawn to Inverloch. It's a beautiful, quiet town with a great beach. As an adult I always drive past the house, but nowadays stay at a little motel nearby with friends, just to hang out and, in summer, go to the beach. Next time I go on a driving holiday I'd like to take my wife Michelle and our son there.

- Interview: Mal Chenu.

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